Professionalism, constant research and enthusiasm: these are the key words in every project signed by LART Architetti.

LART stemmed from the professional encounter between architects Lucia Antonelli and Renato Tavelli who, by combining skills and expertise in various but complementary fields, created a dynamic and enterprising practice.

The studio addresses an international, mainly private clientele, but also carries out projects in the commercial and industrial field.

Carrying out a project means following and attending to each and every phase to the full.

From the initial concept, to the final design and the smallest details, the whole planning process is coordinated with a view to giving the client a unique, exclusive and tailor-made project.

"Every project has the identity of the one who creates it and the one who lives it."

Renato Tavelli

He graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 1994.

The building sector has been in his blood right from childhood, it being his family’s field of business.

Technical supervision and team management are the skills that enable him to oversee and coordinate every single project and construction site.

Precision, perseverance, experience are his strengths.

Lucia Antonelli

She graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 1994.

Architecture, interior and outdoor design are her great loves.

The concept of well-being in living spaces combined with a sense of beauty and functionality are the key elements in her design.

Creativity and constant research are her strengths.

Lart Studio employs the expertise of highly qualified professionals.

The team is composed of architects, engineers, interior designers, surveyors and other professional figures essential to the completeness of the entire project and construction site.

Each realization is the result of a perfect harmony and cooperation between professionals and teams of highly selected suppliers. Our objective: creating customised and unique projects.